Type 2 (aka secondary) fun…

This post isn’t as serious as it may sound :). And thanks to a member of the East Midlands YesTribe (Cally) for commenting on my insta photo, which prompted me to write this 2 minute read.

In this world of instant gratification (I’m guilty here) building in a little secondary fun to your life can work wonders. But, what is secondary fun? And why am I bothering to write about it here.

I first heard the saying on a kitesurfing holiday in Cape Town in 2015 (lucky me). I was staying in a shared house and met a few other people – one of which was a remote worker. I think he was an App developer, or a coder, and spent the winter in Japan skiing and the summer somewhere else doing something else equally fun (lucky him).

We were chatting all things kitesurfing and sports, and the conversation switched to hiking, running, and cycling. The guy in question, let’s call him Jim, said he “didn’t bother with those sports as they were all secondary fun”.

I didn’t appreciate what he meant at the time. And, perhaps he didn’t appreciate what he might have been missing out on. Personal choice I guess, and not everyone has life set up to spend a winter in Japan and a summer somewhere else (I’m only jealous).

Fast forward to now, having been fortunate enough to have had time myself to travel, explore, publish a book, and live in a van, I’m starting to recognise the meaning and, perhaps, importance of secondary fun.

Because, as much as I don’t want to hike up that hill, or get up early and smash out that run, or complete another killer HITT session (I’d much rather watch another episode of Queens Gambit) I know the feeling of accomplishment, of elation, of having achieved a personal goal, always hits home.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee afterwards, feeling pretty damn good.

That is secondary fun.

I hope you enjoyed the post. In case you wondering why I write these (and if I’ve got nothing better to do), there are three reasons.

  1. I love writing and sharing – both adventures, and my own experiences.
  2. To promote interest in a book I self-published, all about my own travel, change, and adventure.
  3. For just one person to take value from it.

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