A real Adventure In Happiness…

Ten years ago I began to learn to Kitesurf.  I’d rush from my office in the Midlands, drag my girlfriend at the time along, and drive 150 miles to a beach in North Wales.

I’d then (attempt to) kitesurf all weekend and, exhausted but exhilerated, drive back to the Midlands with this image in my rear view mirror.  I was sure I was heading in the wrong direction!


At the time I was working a busy job and I was also a DJ.  Busy days and long nights were the norm and, whilst it was fun, I knew by the time I’d hit 30 I needed to make some changes.

Kitesurfing became my focus, travel became an interest, and DJing was put to one side. But this didn’t make leaving that sunset in my rearview mirror any easier!

Fast forward ten years and I’m sitting at a friends house having watched the very sunset I used to leave behind.  And because of some other decisions I’ve made, I don’t need to rush back to the Midlands. Even though I was certain I’d be off travelling once I’d finished writing my book, and Wales may not be ‘the most exciting of places’, I’ve got a sense of being exactly where I’m meant to be right now.

Even though it won’t last forever, in my mind, that’s what a real Adventure In Happiness is about.  Plus I still get to go kitesurfing!










3 thoughts on “A real Adventure In Happiness…

  1. Matt Ray LivingLargebyLivingLittle September 26, 2018 — 09:23

    I’ve already got an invite to stay at a friends for free in Bonaire next spring.. I think I’m going to go stay for a month and take kite surfing lessons…


    1. That sounds like a great invite and idea to pursue!!


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