2020 vision

Greetings from the cold and sunny UK, and a happy New Years eve.

In this post, I hope to share a few positive thoughts / reflections / learnings from 2020. Whilst it’s been a hell of a year, I don’t want to focus on that, instead, let’s pull out the good stuff, and roll into 2021 on the front foot!

As usual, feel free to share out far and wide if you find benefit in the words.

Without further ado, this way to 2021…..

2020 vision.

Less can be more. There is nothing wrong with slowing down, doing less, and focussing on a few key things. Quality over quantity.

Getting out in nature is everything! It doesn’t have to be far, or for long, to feel the benefits.

Friends and family are critical, as is communication and compassion. We’re all in this together, one way or another…

It doesn’t matter how much you want someone to see your true value. If they don’t want to see it (for whatever reason) then they will not see it. Sad, but true. Move on.

A good coach can be life-changing. At the very least, they offer structure and method to help you improve. At the very best, who knows…

Habits are key to success. Start small and build consistency. It’s amazing how actions build over time. This is called compounding and, unlike today’s interest rate, actually achieves growth!

Planning is everything! As is setting small goals along the way. Trying to do too much, too soon, too quick, will result in one thing. Nothing! This took me a while to figure out 🙂

And finally, finishing strong is important. I wrote a post on this earlier in the year. You can read that here.

Wishing all a positive end to 2020, and a focussed fun healthy and happy approach to 2021.

You’ve got this!


PS. if you’re wondering what makes me qualified to write this post, well, what makes any of us qualified? Perhaps just experience and moments of reflection, but I do believe we’ve all got much in us to share, one way or another.

I enjoy travel, adventure, yoga, kitesurfing, and time with good people and hope these posts offer value to someone, somewhere, along the way.

My background was in the corporate world for 20+ years. I left that behind to travel and explore, published a book, and now run my own landscaping business and work as a freelance writer. I’m a qualified mechanical engineer, and enjoy personal development.

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