About me


Hi, I’m John. I’m a writer, a landscaper, an engineer, and a coach from the UK.

Four years ago I left behind a twenty-one-year corporate career and began a journey that led me through Europe and Morocco in a campervan, backpacking across South Africa, up into the heights of the Himalayan mountains, and through the busy streets of India!

Along the way, I created a blog, and then wrote, and published, a book about my experiences. It was my intention to capture what had happened and share back what it was like – the good, and the bad.

As with any big change / journey / adventure, I experienced what I describe as a ‘fair bit of learning and personal growth’, and that, mixed in with stories of the continuing adventure, is what I’m sharing here.

Within the pages of this website, you’ll find:

My blog – A happy mix of short, easy to read, travel and personal development style posts.

My book – Want to know what it’s like to leave a well-paid job and take a massive step to follow a dream? Welcome to Adventures In Happiness.

Coaching – If you’re thinking of making a similar change to me, perhaps I can help.

Writing – examples of other writing work – coming soon.

Landscaping – example of landscaping projects – coming soon. 

Thanks for the interest, and don’t forget to scroll further down.


You can find me on Instagram, facebooktwitter, and LinkedIn

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