About me


Hi, I’m John.

I’m a writer, an engineer, and a coach from the UK.  Three years ago I left behind a 21-year corporate career to give myself chance to experience life in a new way.  I love travelling, kitesurfing, and adventures outdoors.

After 18 months of travel, change, and adventure I wrote a book about my experience. I wanted to capture my journey, share back what I’d learnt, and hoped to inspire others.  If this is of interest, please read on…

Within these pages you will find:

– A regular blog which is a mix of travel and lifestyle.  The posts are short and give a taste of what I’m upto / what’s on my mind / some of what I’ve learnt from these changes.

– A page dedicated to my self-published book Adventures In Happiness: a true story of travel, change, and adventure.   There’s something on why I wrote it, links to media coverage, and reviews so far.

– What I offer coaching and support with.  If you’re looking to make a change similiar to what I did, perhaps I can help.  I also offer support on the writing and publishing process.

Finally, don’t forget to scroll all the way down.  You will find links to other social media feeds, and past blog posts arranged by category.

Thanks for the interest.


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