About me


Hi, I’m John.

I’m a writer, an engineer, and a coach from the UK.

3 years ago I left behind a 21-year corporate career to give myself chance to experience life in a (very) different way.  I love travelling, kitesurfing, and adventures outdoors.

After 18 months of travel, change, and adventure I wrote a book about my experiences.  I wanted to capture my journey, share back what I’d learnt, and hopefully inspire others.

On that note, did you know the average lifespan of a person is only 4000 weeks…..

Within the pages of this website you will find:

– A weekly blog which is a mix of travel and lifestyle information based on my own experiences, research, and interest.

– A link to my book Adventures In Happiness – a true story of making things happen in life, seizing opportunites, taking steps into the unknown, and the benefit that can bring.

– What I offer coaching / support with.

Thank you for the interest, and I hope you like what you find.


PS. You can also follow me on Instagram, facebooktwitter, and LinkedIn

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