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Hi, I’m John. I’m a writer, a landscaper, an engineer, and a coach from the UK.

Four years ago I left behind a twenty-one-year corporate career and began a journey that led me through Europe and Morocco in a campervan, backpacking across South Africa, up into the heights of the Himalayan mountains, and through the busy streets of India!

Along the way, I created a blog, and then wrote, and published, a book about my experiences. It was my intention to capture what had happened and share back what it was like – the good, and the bad.

As with any big change / journey / adventure, I experienced what I describe as a fair bit of learning and personal growth, and that, mixed in with stories of the continuing adventure, is some of what I’m sharing here.

I currently split my time between freelance writing, landscaping projects, teaching kitesurfing, coaching for positive change, and trying to squeeze in some adventures!

Depending on what you’re interested in, please click on the links below. 

Blog – This is a happy mix of short, easy to read, travel and personal development styled posts, all based on my own experiences, research, and reflections.

Book – Do you want to know what it’s like to leave a well-paid job and take a massive step to follow a dream? Welcome to Adventures In Happiness. Available on Amazon now.

Writing – Click here for examples of my freelance writing work.

Landscaping – Click here for examples of my landscaping projects.

Coaching – If you’re thinking of making a similar change, or would like some positive shift in your life, perhaps I can help.

Thanks for stopping by.


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