This journey started with my blog in 2015. I found writing an incredible way to express my thoughts, actions, and feelings following one of the biggest decisions of my life. It also proved a fun way to capture and share idiosyncrasies of my new life ‘on the road’.

The writing started off lightly, gained momentum and positive feedback, and three years later – developed into a self-published book! I’m very happy to say Adventures In Happiness continues to be well received and is selling internationally.

My current writing covers travel, adventure, and personal development. I draw on my passion of kitesurfing, yoga, outdoor life, and campervans, as well as topics close to my heart, such as the benefit of challenge and change, building good habits, and having a growth mindset.

It’s not as an eclectic mix as it may sound, and has led me to provide words to a number of websites, magazine, and blogs.

See the links below for more details, and if you’d like to contact me for writing work, please email me at jac777@hotmail.co.uk

What’s On North Wales – Adventures In Happiness. This is an article on my love, passion, and draw to this part of the UK. It is included within What’s On North Wales – your local website to all things North Welsh!


Campervan – embrace the vanlife. This is an article I wrote for campervan magazine covering how easy it is to quit your job and embrace the vanlife, where I went, and what I learned along the way. Campervan is the magazine for people that love campervans!


Ten things I’ve learned I’d like to share back. This was one of my best-performing blog posts of 2019 with hundreds of daily hits. Embedded within the post are a number of other posts touching on the science of yoga, depression, vitality, and the power of consistent small change. 


MMM – campervan life. An article was written for MMM on leaving a long term career, exploring Europe and what I discovered along the way.



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