Procrastination and decision fatigue.

Procrastination.  A light-hearted 90 second read.

Over-thinking is recognised as being one of the sure-fire ways to stress yourself out and, ultimately, make yourself unhappy.  But why do we do it?  And how do you not do it?

Without getting scientific, I believe it’s down to a combination of comfort, and a fear of the unknown.  But maybe there’s more.

We have something like 80000 thoughts a day, and only 2000 of them are new.  And if you think about the amount of decisions we have to make every moment of every day, perhaps we are fatigued.


For example, you shop for paint.  You want white.  In a typical hardware store in the UK there are something like 20 different shades of white…

The same when you are planning a trip somewhere.  With the amount of freedom on offer, how do you know what is the right choice, and how do you make that decision?

Here’s a few options.

–  Just choose.  Otherwise known as making a hot decision.  Don’t think, just act.

–  Be clear on what you value, weigh up options, recognise the fear, and choose.

–  Build up momentum. Get used to choosing (however small) and being OK with the outcome.  You accustom yourself to taking action, rather than procrastinating.

Simple, but effective.




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