Today I clicked send…

Today I clicked send on what has been a busy year (and more) of writing and editing, and my manuscript is now with my typesetter and will be available through Amazon KDP in a week or so.

Good timing really as the 1st April 2015 was the first day of my adventure on which this book is based.

If I think back to the day I walked out of my office three years ago, I can honestly say I had no idea I would end up writing a book about travel, change, and adventure – still, that really is the way things can work out!

There is a link to the first and start of my second chapter here, and more info on the book here.

Who knows what will happen with it. Maybe something, maybe nothing. I have my hopes but let’s see 🙂

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Today I clicked send 👊. No more #editing. My #adventuresinhappiness manuscript is now with my typesetter to upload to #amazonkpd. Perfect timing as today marks 3 years since I left my job and took a different path on which this book is based 😎 Within its pages there is a mix of #travel #adventure #kitesurfing #yoga #minimalsm #vanlife. But there is also some #personalchange #reflection and some of what I leant! Who knows what happens with it, but one thing is for sure – I never expected to write a book when I left my job and I’ll look back on this time with good memories! Mostly 😂. Available on #amazon in a week or two but in the meantime I’ve uploaded a small part of chapter two for your interest 😀. Link in bio. And a massive thanks to everyone who has been interested / supported / motivated me to do this ! X #happyeaster #noaprilfool #coach #change #writer #author #personaldevelopment #truestory #personalgoals #lifestyle

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