Why not getting what (you think) you want, can be a wonderful stroke of luck…

I used to think this quote was rubbish, and something which was said when things went pear shaped. And until recently I still did.

For those that I haven’t bored to death with, I’ve been busy writing a book. The story is based on leaving a long term career, making changes, travelling. All the good stuff.

Anyway, about a year ago, when I really committed myself to writing a book, I began to realise the ‘art of writing’ was quickly taking over the ‘art of living’. Which was kind of ironic considering I’d left my job to ‘live’ more, not ‘work’ more (especialy for no money).

Not withstanding all that, I saw the benefit, stuck with the writing, and told myself I would ‘forego any more travel until I was done writing’. And all of a sudden it was nearing the end of 2017. And I still wasn’t done.

So I decided I would wrap up where I was, go travelling for a bit, and come back to my story with a fresh mind…

However, despite best efforts of researching, planning, looking at flights. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let go of finishing what I’d started before I flew back off into the world.

I can’t explain why, and for a while I thought I was losing the plot with what I was doing! One day I would write. The next I would plan a travel adventure. Until I realised I had to let the travel go.

It sounds so simple when I say it. But I am not kidding. The ‘shift’ that took place when I made that choice was huge. And from that moment on, things have just come together as they have needed.

I now have a cover design done.

I now have a manuscript that is tighter and almost ready to send to my typesetter.

I have a plan and understanding of how to publish.

And, most importantly, I’m left with a sense of having done what I’d needed to do all along.

And if I’d gone travelling again, I doubt very much I would be where I am today. I know it is obvious. But it’s only because I didn’t get what I’d thought I’d wanted all along.

Now where’s my passport….


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