Adventures in happiness


After 18 months of travel, change, and adventure I chose to write a book. I had already written a blog, but I was keen to create a full story of my adventure. I had done and experienced a lot on my journey, and I wanted to capture, understand, and share it out. I gave myself three months to do it. Little did I know a year later I would still be in the editing phase!

Fast forward to today, I have finished, and begun the process of finding an agent / publisher. I am also exploring options to self-publish. My intention is to release what I have titled Adventures in happiness by March 2018. In time for my 40th birthday!

Personally I am proud with what I achieved, and hope when it’s released, others will enjoy and take something from it.

In the meantime I have included the synopsis and contents page below. If you would like to be kept updated and receive the first chapter for free in January 2018, then register interest below.

If there are press / publication enquires please email


Adventures in happiness

 The living dead (and I was one of them)

This is a true story of how, aged thirty-seven, after twenty-one years of working for the same corporate giant, I took a chance and changed my life. Of course, changes are inevitable, life is full of changes, but what was so important about this change was me. I had become stagnated, and I had become stuck. And from what I could tell, I wasn’t the only one.

Just like the movie the sixth sense I saw dead people. The living dead. That’s not meant to be a derogatory comment but I knew I’d become the same as I counted down to the weekend, next holiday, or retirement. I know everyone’s circumstances are different, but I became so desperate to escape what was fast becoming an early grave, I did the only thing I could. I stopped digging, quit my job, and set off on an adventure.

At first the change was a struggle. The transition to complete freedom wasn’t as expected, and it wasn’t until I travelled through Europe and North Africa in a campervan that I adjusted to my new life. I then returned to the UK to find nothing had changed, so I didn’t stop there. Instead, I sold my material possessions, backpacked across South Africa, then rode around Sri Lanka on a motorbike. I also kept a theme of kitesurfing mixed with other adventures, such as volunteering with lions in Cape Town, climbing mountains in Africa, and learning to scuba dive with sharks.

But it wasn’t all good. Not only did I get into trouble in Tangier, picked up Salmonella whilst travelling in my campervan, and came close to being arrested a few times, I often struggled with an existential crisis. But this turned out to be OK. As I experimented with living in a different way, embracing change, and acting despite fear, I noticed things changing for me. Because, what I had done by stepping away from what was familiar, was give myself a chance to live.

Of course, not everybody has the opportunity to do what I did, so I chose to capture my adventure, and share what happened. If you made it this far then keep going. They say happiness is a journey? Well, they’re not kidding, this is mine so far.



A lion, a donkey’s head, and moving on in life

Chapter 1    Hitting the reset button

Chapter 2    An adventure into Europe and Morocco

Chapter 3    Getting minimal and moving on

Chapter 4    New experiences in South Africa

Chapter 5    Quick stop in the UK

Chapter 6    Sri Lankan lifestyle

Chapter 7    A different direction

Chapter 8    Cape Town

Chapter 9    Wrapping up





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