Yesterday I had a good idea, do something positive, recognise it, and then repeat every day for the month of December…and then someone suggested I share the idea out…so here it is

It’s December right. A month of rushing around, indulgence, mince pies etc etc etc. But I want to put a different twist on it. A few days ago I had an idea to set my intentions and do something positive. And most important of all – to recognise it.

Bear with me here, I’m not crazy, and of course we all do good stuff everyday, but do we actually stop and recognise it or do we run round like crazy people jumping from one thing to the next……I know what I do and I’ve not even got a ‘proper’ job!

Anyway here’s a quick video I made. I don’t plan to do one everyday (way too cringeworthy) but I have committed myself to be clear with what I am doing each day, do my best to achieve it, and give myself credit and recognise it. And it doesn’t have to be huge.

I guess it’s kind of an experiment. But I think I already know the results. And then as I was typing this out and jumping from one thing to another I stumbled across an article. I screenshot the page – see below. Got to love a bit of serendipity.


My take on this is that it’s all about forming the right habits and thoughts in your mind. Anyway I’m giving it ago for the month. Perhaps if you think it’s a good idea you could do the same. And if you like, share it out.


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