Change moves to disappointment if not sustained…

Pretty much bang on I reckon, and I fall for this everytime!

Go away travelling, come back home and get comfortable, take my foot off the gas, slip back to old habits, and before I know it…..I’ve stopped practising yoga or training, I’m binge-watching net flicks with a plate of my mums home made scones on my lap, and I’m staying in and starting to hibernate.

Nothing wrong with it of course (and my mums scones are pretty good) but it did get me thinking about how important consistency is sometimes compared to the big hits / changes in life.

Yeah sure you quit a job and travel, or you write a book, or you learn to play a guitar, or you climb a mountain, but it doesn’t stop there. In fact that’s only the beginning. And I’m starting to think the real work is in what comes after.

Now back to GOT 🙂


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