6th, 7th, 8th July – Sunsets, kiting, detoxing…..

I am day 2 into a 5 day detox…..I have never done one before but am under the very knowledgable Izumo tarifa, based at Valdevaqueros.

The owner Daniela really knows her stuff. She is very meticulous and passionate about what she does and also very watchful on timings; “have you drank your juice yet, what about your water”; is all I hear when I walk by

So, no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no chocolate, and no food. Just 6 x 600ml of various juices to detox and help cleanse and reboot my system and as much water as you can drink (at least 3 litres per day).

I wonder how many times I will need to empty my camper toilet over the next few days….

So far its actually fine and I find myself really looking forward to the 2 hour interval when I can have a juice. The only side effects so far are headaches, from caffeine withdrawal apparently.

‘Workwise’ the pressure has been upped and that is taking up a lot of time through the day but it’s not so bad working from a cafe / beach side bar, especially if am fitting in a sunset kite session or two, plus the topics are quite interesting!

The level of kiting has also stepped up here in advance of the Virgin Kitesurfing World championship this coming weekend and a lot of the pros have started to arrive. Again I have never seen so many top level riders at one time in one place. It really puts my level of kiting in context, but also inspires me to not just cruise around all day long.

One thing I have yet to grasp in Tarifa (Spain), is how the locals go out so late, drink, eat, party, and then still show up looking fine for work this next day…….if I do two nights in a row, I am done. . . .

Finally, everyday a new sunset…..

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