5th July – researching, kitesurfing, hangovers, split toes, burst water pipes and parking fines.

This past week has flown by and I can’t believe I have been in Tarifa over a week already. It always seems to take me 3 days to readjust to a place regardless of where I go or what I am doing, I wonder if everyone has noticed their own pattern? Compared to travelling Morocco it feels like a holiday, and not travel as such 🙂

IMG_5450 IMG_5455

One of the reasons I have stayed so long, other than it’s a pretty special place with loads of happy people, good weather, good food, nice vibes, good kiting, is that I have been helping my friend Bella who is writing a book about her own journey of depression to world champion sailor.

So, back to the grind 🙂

I am her researcher and my aim is to find supporting facts around some pretty interesting topics.

She is an ex-corporate city girl now running her own successful coaching business http://www.my12for12.com and I have some background in engineering research and have also spent the past 8 years in Learning and Development roles, so we are not totally blind.

However, she has never written a book before, and I have never researched for a book before, but as Richard Branson often is quoted ‘just do it’.

So far, its flowing well, and there is a lot to look at!

I’ve had to cover some interesting topics the past week:

The importance of your environment…


Play and flow states…


Benefits of dance (but not the 5am finish and getting lost walking home!)

11214281_10153517104905681_3064972001283596094_n IMG_5465 IMG_5463

There has been an 8am link call (smiling as I think back to all the link calls I used to have in my old job!) with an Australian relationship psychologist who is also a Buddhist practitioner. Very interesting stuff.
I have also lucked into some amazing kitesurfing conditions the past few days, it’s been light wind, but we have been able to kite in a massive lagoon which only works in a certain wind direction, certain tide times, and certain moon conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.15.39 Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.14.36

Personally I love kiting in new spots, I find it keeps me sharper and even if its not a full on session, it keeps the excitement there.

It was pretty sketchy in the shallow water, and not the best start for me when I got told by the police and told it was forbidden to kite here…..despite there already being about 30 kites on the water….. he was quite relaxed though and other than blowing his whistle and pointing his finger, nothing else happens.

I have some GoPro vids to edit here, so hope to get these done over the next few days.

It’s not all easy streets though…… a water pipe exploded on my van a few days ago when I was literally about to step into the shower, and within seconds my van was an inch deep in water, as were my kites, clothes, shoes.


I managed to do some repairs today, and fingers crossed it doesn’t decide to explode again when I am either asleep or not in the van. Note the hose pipe repair! Love being resourceful. I give my dad credit for teaching me some of these skills !

Someone drove into my van as well.


I have picked up a €200 parking fine and finally I have managed to split my toe open on some rocks kiting, so my injury count is mounting. . . . .like my van, I hope I hold together for another few months or so!

Sorry for such a long post, but I hope you have enjoyed!5th July

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