The end of an era…and the beginning of the next…

You may (or may not) notice I only update this blog on a monthly (ish) basis. This is because, for the last 19 months, I have been writing a column for a magazine called MMM – Britains longest serving motorhome and motor caravan monthly magazine. (I also run my own landscaping and garden design business, but that’s another story).

The column is called Motorhome Mishaps with Calamity John. If you’ve read anything of my adventures over the last 7 years, be it through this blog I started in 2015, other magazine articles I have published, or my first book ‘Adventures In Happiness’, you’ll understand why I created such a column!

But the reason I mention it today is two fold. First, when I write for the magazine I have to streamline what I share here. Them’s the rules. The second is to announce the end of that era. Because today I submitted my final Motorhome Mishaps with Calamity John. Sad times indeed.

But fear not. Adventures will (and have been) continue. The magazine will create a new column and I have switched my freelance writing to travel and adventure style articles. Three articles are already in the pipe, one of which I elude to in a moment.

But first, I’d like to say a massive thank you to MMM for trusting me with this column. What a fun way to capture what has been happening and share a lighthearted insight to what I call real ‘vanlife. You can see an example of a column below. By my reckoning, they will be running until April.

On the topic of real vanlife, I have just experienced the wettest, followed by the coldest, month I can remember. Whilst I am not a glutton for punishment, at times, I did question what I was doing! But what a wintery adventure it was – giving material to wrap up my column and sow seeds for an article I’ve got in mind for a wintery Cornish adventure.

In the space of two months there was a visit to Glastonbury, flaming tar barrels in Devon, a wet and wild return to Cornwall, some interesting landscaping projects happening. Not to mention learning to swing-dance, wintery beach walks, and a fun build up to Christmas, all whilst soaking in this soulful part of the UK.

It really is amazing where life can take you if you’re willing to put time and effort in, and spend it with the right people. I can’t wait to share some of these moments out through this blog and larger travel articles.

After all, who’d have thought from a 21-year corporate career to independent traveller; to author; to freelance writer; to running my own business as a landscaper and garden designer, to who knows…

Roll on 2023…and yes, there will be a book two for those who asked 🙂

Thanks for following, and happy new year.

3 thoughts on “The end of an era…and the beginning of the next…

  1. Hi John, look forward to seeing your adventures here down south. As, I mentioned my son is at university in Falmouth. I’m near Bovey Tracey Dartmoor. Are you looking for some gardening work? 🤔


    1. Hi Helen, thanks for your message and interest in the adventures (and gardening!).
      I’m always open to potential projects. I’ll message you on Facebook and link you to my landscaping page.
      Many thanks.


  2. Where do you do the kite surfing?


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