Autumnal adventures

Whilst I’m in danger of repeating myself, I do love this time of year. It’s ‘leaf-peeping-season’ as a friend from Maine, in the US, told me a few weeks ago.

But, on a UK travel and adventure note, it’s an awesome time to be outside. Whether that’s hiking through forests, catching the wind and waves as low pressure storms hit northern Europe, or just exploring your local area, it’s wonderful!

On that theme, I’m back from another exploration of my local area – the Peak District National Park. I forget how close and accessible this park is. In fact, I spent countless years chasing all over the country (and at times, the world – lucky me) on adventures, when there’s fun to be had right on the doorstep.

This was something that came to mind writing my first book, Adventures In Happiness. It look a while (and some ‘interesting’ adventures!) to help me realise how good it can be at home. If you want to read more about that, you can take a look here.

But I digress…back to hiking in the peaks. I’ve explored a few routes recently I want to share. Both of them start on the south west / west side of the national park and take in the ever popular Roaches – a gritstone escarpment / ridge with steep rock formations. 

The main routes seem to run up or around Hen Cloud (a rewarding hike to the top), across the top edge of the Roaches (stunning panoramic views) and then there’s a multitude of options as to where to go.

So far, I’ve dropped down into Luds church – a deep, moss-covered chasm which is well worth a visit. I’ve also explored where the river Dane splits into Black Brook and followed that as a loop back to Ramshaw rocks for more amazing scenery.

There is a tonne of info on the internet about these routes / where to park / camp but watch out for over enthusiastic parking officers. If you park out of the bays you WILL get a ticket. I’ve been using a farm which charges £2 a day. Better than a £100 fine!

Have fun!

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