Octobers’ out of season adventures…

It’s getting into flu season. Head colds. Aching limbs. Sore throats. Disapproving glances as you sneeze into that soggy piece of tissue for the third time that morning…

But, whilst I’m nursing day 6 of man-flu, I’m taking a moment to catch up, because, set to the backdrop of cloudy skies, windy days, and leaves turning towards that deep shade of red and orange, I’m pleased to say it’s been a good month.

I’m lucky to have a friend 🙂 with a house in Newquay, so it was there for the start of October for an attempt at surfing. The water was warm, the company good, and even though it was busy, there was a definite slowing of pace to the area.

Shoulder seasons are often my favourite, and I hope I can get back down there before winter fully embeds itself.

All good things come to end though, and I had to dash back up north for a landscaping project I’d booked in the diary.

I still pinch myself how things have played out these last few years, work wise. When I left behind the good old corporate world, travelled, published a book, and started gardening, I never expected it to develop into full-time landscaping!

No complaints, and I’m only making the point because it is interesting what happens when you throw your time and energy into something! Fingers crossed this golden wave of garden interest continues into 2022.

If you happen to be interested in viewing my portfolio, I’ve set up a Facebook page which shows some of my work.

Post project, I also ran my first 1/2 marathon in 8 years!

I used to run a lot when I was in my 30’s, and I’m a little annoyed to say I let it slip. I’m back on it now though, and love that feeling when your fitness is improving. I was also taught a valuable lesson for this race – train properly – I’m way to old to wing it!

Really pleased with the time though :-). And thanks to Annalisa @brancasterboards for randomly coming to meet me at the finish line.

Other than that, I’ve managed a few cheeky SUP sessions, a long hike with the Yes Tribe East Midlands crew, and am currently managing my campervan undergoing some serious surgery.

I’ve got away with it the last few years, but this year the MOT caught up with me….

It’ll be back on the road soon thankfully, which is a good thing, because I need to create material for future Motorhome Mishaps with Calamity John.

Hope you’ve got out there and enjoyed this changing seasonal month.

Onwards to November…..!

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