November in Newquay, December in Derby…

I woke this morning with a sore head. I’m not sure if it’s the booster jab I had yesterday, or the 3 pints of Beavertown Neck Oil I drank last night with the lovely people from my local yoga studio.

Anyway, whilst my coffee kicks in and I contemplate exactly why I have started to drink again, after taking a year off alcohol, it’s time for the last post of the year….

It’s been a fun few months!

I was lucky to have spent November in Newquay with a lovely lady I’ve been seeing. She’s got an apartment in the centre of town, a mere 10 minute walk to one of the surfing beaches. Perfect for a daily pummelling by the waves!

Whilst Cornwall, at this time of year, is notoriously wet and windy – from a surfing / kitesurfing / less-tourists-in-town point of view, I’d recommend it as a place to spend time. The sea is still warm (ish), as is the air temp, and enough is open to keep busy for a few weeks (or months, if you’re lucky to have time!).

If you happen to be wanting a break in Newquay next year, I’d recommend booking early. I’ve included a link to The Little Retreat. Perhaps this could be the perfect break for you….

But, these things don’t last forever, and I had to get back to Derby. Partly to see some friends and partly to do some work. Although, as soon as I spotted a chance of kiting and hiking in north Wales, I confess to a change of plan and ended up at one of my favourite parts of the UK – Rhosneigr.

It’s been 2 years since my last visit here. All I can say is I hope it’s not another 2 years before I’m back again. What a stunning place to be, and I’m happy I managed to squeeze an impromptu visit to both the beach and the mountains before the end of the year. Sometimes, you’ve just go to do it…

The only thing to say is my book ‘Adventures In Happiness‘ is, remarkably, still selling :-). Shameless plug here, but if you do happen to be interested in a true story of travel, change, and adventure take a look here. Prices go up in 2022, so grab a bargain!

What’s also really cool is the continued spin off that happens from these kinds of projects…

2021 was the start of my first writing column ‘Motorhome Mishaps’. This is a monthly take / recap on some of my most memorable adventures, published within the UK biggest motorhome and campervan magazine – MMM!

Let’s hope there are many more to come in 2022…

Happy Christmas 🙂 X

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