September shenanigans – Motorhome Mishaps, mini-adventures, and a column in MMM

Autumn is here. Love it or hate it, the nights are getting longer, air is cooler, and the cost of heating is going, literally, through the roof!

I love September though. By far, it is my favourite month of the year.

Still warm and light enough to enjoy outdoor activities and things seems to be quietening down as kids get back to school, and crazy summer holidays fade into memory.

So, how’s your September so far? Post my mini-adventure to Scotland I’ve been back with the landscaping work. I’m pleased to have worked on two interesting projects this month 🙂

But, on a different note….I’ve had it confirmed I’m now an official columnist!

My very own page in a (legit) magazine. One page a month, every month, for 12 months.

It’s called ‘Motorhome Mishaps with Calamity John’ and based on some of those adventures that feel so-far-away when I’m sat at my laptop screen working estimates for garden projects.

The magazine is MMM, the UK’s biggest Motorhomers magazine.

I’m super pleased that this is happening. As much as I enjoyed writing my first book, having recognition from an established magazine to publish (and pay) for my articles is damn cool.

It’s fun to relive some of those moments and get them onto paper for others to read and enjoy. Plus, it’s motivating me to get out there and create some adventures to write about! A win-win really.

Luckily (depending on your point of view) a few things have happening this year to keep the ideas for articles fresh.

Like getting caught with my pants down (literally) whist Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, my exhaust falling off mid road trip in Devon (currently held on with duct tape), and losing 5th gear on the way to a weekend away, leading to the frustrations of others as the top speed of my ‘van became 50mph. (Sorry…)

Anyway, if you happen to want to know more, please look out for editions of MMM from October 2021 onwards.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy getting my ‘van fixed up and ready for an Autumn full of fun and adventure :-).

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