Social media sharing – March

Hello from the sunny UK. What crisp, cold, and sunny weather it’s been. Just, stunning! But, this post isn’t about the weather. Instead, it’s a continuation of an idea I had, at the start of 2021, to use my social media for better use.

Now, I love and hate social media in equal pleasures. I can’t deny how good it is for so many things but the constant barrage of news / people / ads can be little…wearing.

With that in mind, I decided to give my instagram account a monthly theme and share posts to that end. For January, I chose quotes I liked. For February, I shared creative images I’d captured myself. For March, I’ve shared a series of books that had an impact on my life (generally, for the better).

The idea of this blog post then, is to bring together the Instagram posts in a monthly-wrap-up, and share them here and also my Facebook page.  Feedback so far has been good, so i’ll keep at it for now.

All of these books had a positive impact on my life, one way or another so I’m sharing with the idea that other people may also take something positive / useful from them.

There’s something on mindset towards life and work, as well as an approach to travel and adventure. Not to mention tips and techniques on meditation, and something on the immense world of writing and publication! And, I had to mention my own book Adventures In Happiness and how that’s led to freelance writing work for a campervan / motorhome magazine.

Finally, if you want to see February’s posts you can click here. If you want to see January’s posts you can click here. And, if you wish to read a story of how I went from a 21 year career, to a life of travel, change, and adventure (at least, for a while!) you can find that here.

I’m told, it’s actually quite good and is reviewed at 4.7/5* on Amazon.

Thanks for reading and as usual, feel free to share this post out.

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