Social media themes – February

Hello from the sunny UK. At least, for today! For this post, I’m continuing with an idea I had at the start of the year to bring my (limited) social media to better use.

I’m a believer that creativity (in whatever form) is good for the soul so, for February, I shared 7 photos I’d captured which meant something to me and I considered creative. Obviously, this is totally subjective!

As they did seem to be well received, it got me thinking one or two people do take something positive or useful from what’s shared. That’s got to be a good thing so I’m wrapping them all up in one post here.

In case you wanted to see the original photos on Instagram, you can click here for those. Most of what I share also comes through on my Facebook page / Twitter account

If you wanted to see what theme I followed for January, click here.

I’ve continued with this into March, but with a new theme, which I’ll share more on soon.

All that’s left to say is thanks for reading, and feel free to share this post out if you find it has value to you, or someone else.

In the meantime, keep creating, whatever it is…

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