2018 – a year back in action

Seeing as it’s the end of another year, I decided to share something on my year back in action.  It’s a three minute read, and I hope you enjoy it.


Two years ago I distinctly remember reading a post by the Minimalists about taking a moment to look back over the year, identify what went well, what didn’t, and deciding what to carry forward.

It struck a chord with me at the time, I wrote my own post / interpretation, and set my intentions. Fast forward to now, and I have to smile.  I may have forgotten some of my own advice for 2017!

However, they say the best lessons are the ones hard learned, and I’m happy to report for 2018 I’ve had a year back in action. Here’s some of what happened – it’s not all about achievement, more about what I learnt along the way:


After 18 months of travel, change, and adventure (and the same time again writing, reflecting, and editing), I published my first book.

The story is my own, and based on what it was really like to leave a 21-year corporate career, and take a step into the unknown.

I’m pleased, and proud, of the final result, and it’s rewarding to know that people have not only bought and read it, but have enjoyed the storyPS. The whiskey photo is staged. It wasn’t all that bad. 

If you happen to have missed this, you can read more here.  A massive thank you for the interest, support, and feedback.


I also said yes to an opportunity for work which led to a full summer season of gardening, which then led to work as a landscaper.

Considering it was one of the hottest summers on record in the UK, and I’d never worked outdoors before, I embraced the experience.

But, just as importantly, it gave chance to market my book whilst topping up my savings, and proved the perfect way to unwind from so much writing, reflecting, thinking, and editing!


Finally, after postponing travel adventures to focus on writing and publishing I did what I had promised myself – travel somewhere new, and out of my comfort zone.

I flew to Nepal in the middle of November, spent a month exploring the country and had the chance to hike the Himalayan mountains (amazing!). As I sit and write this I’m in India. I almost didn’t come, but I’m glad I did. This is definitely somewhere new for me!


However, even though the above were (to me at least) big achievements, what also stands out is how much impact smaller changes / shifts had on my year. Perhaps it’s this mindset, rather than the achievement of larger goals, that I will try and keep in mind for 2019.

For instance, whilst writing my book I became very wrapped up in what I was doing. This was understandable as I wanted to give it my best. However, it wasn’t until I finally ‘clicked send’ and let the project into the world that I realised how much I had fixed myself in the work.

Yet, that simple shift, the letting go, allowed life in other ways to pick up again.

This wasn’t the only example of this happening, and with hindsight seems obvious, but I’m still bemused at how much impact smaller changes / shifts (on mindset / habit / food / people / take your pick) can have.

I wrote a few posts on this at the time. They seemed to be well received so I’m sharing a few of them again:

The power of consistent small change; a game of motivation, willpower and small but consistent change; and habits, and the outcomes.


On that note I’ll finish by saying what’s next for this blog.

I’m looking forward to writing about adventures in Nepal and India and, from my experiences, plan to share travel advice for both countries.

From arriving into Nepal, to choosing a hike, what to do when relationships break down with your guide. To getting a soft landing into Delhi, how to manage the hassle, and recent experiences and learning with yoga.

I also plan to keep going with the regular posts on what I’m thinking / learning. I’m sure I’ve got more to share, people tell me they’re helpful, so let’s see what happens.


So that’s it, my year back in action. Have a Happy New Year and I wish you a productive, meaningful, and satisfying 2019.


2 thoughts on “2018 – a year back in action

  1. Cheers John and a very Happy new year to you too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Andy! All the very best 🙂


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