Q&A with an adventure coach – lessons learnt following a period of travel, change, and adventure….

New blog post – Q&A with an adventure coach – 90 second read

This weeks post is based on a question & answer session with Sarah Lister – an Adventure Coach based in the Peak District.

Sarah contacted me after seeing a few of my instgram posts, brought a copy of my book, and asked me to answer a few questions on changes made / lesson learnt following some adventures.

Q&A below…..



QUESTION 1:   Have you changed your career path after travelling, going on an expedition, or experiencing a new adventure? If yes, what are you doing now and why?

ANSWER:  Yes, you could say so.  Three and 1/2 years ago I was in a 21-year career.  I was lucky to get redundancy, set off on an adventure, and wrote and published a book about it all!  I now run a small gardening business, sometimes teach yoga, kitesurfing, and offer coaching.

QUESTION 2:   How did adventure and travel inspire new decisions in your career path?

ANSWER:   (1) Travel broadens horizons. Cliche, but true. There are opportunities out there I did not know existed until I stepped out of my comfort zone.   (2) Adventure built confidence in what I could handle, and what I could do.   (3) I discovered I loved writing – I didn’t see that coming!

QUESTION 3:   Have you ever believed that doing or finding work that you love is unrealistic? If yes, what would need to happen to change your perspective? If no, are you doing work that you love?

ANSWER:   Not unrealistic, but reality plays a part to say it won’t fall into your lap without trying things out, putting yourself out there, and giving it your best shot. Perhaps what you’re aiming for isn’t what you get, but along the way you discover something new you’d not expected.

Thank’s Sarah for inviting me to answer questions on  (and buying my book).  You can see what else she’s up to here.

Have a good day.

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