Change is not change unless it is sustained….

Have you made a big change in your life?  Good for you.   But have you slipped back into old habits?   I often do!

Be it eating, exercising, relationships, or just day to day living, we are prone to reverting back to what we know.

Why?  I’m not certain (but I have a few psychologist friends who could help me understand), but I’ll hazard a guess that it’s all to do with habit, comfort, and routine.

But there is a way around this.

Spend time to identify the triggers/moments which lead you back to the old habits.  Get reflective.  Become inquisitive.   Then come up with a workaround strategy.  Why?  Because motivation only gets you so far.  To make a lasting change you need to change a habit, and changing a strategy can help support this.

Cue staged yoga poses for effect. Have an awesome weekend!

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