What’s wrong with a little fun in life…..

Nothing.  That’s what!  But how many of us spend our days staring at screens / commuting to work / worrying on nothing / stay busy because it’s easier than finding something new or exciting to do.  I know I do sometimes!!


Before I turned my life upside down (or the right way up) 3 and a bit years ago, I read a book by Tim Ferris.  It’s called the 4 Hour Work Week and it’s well known within the community of people around the world who try to live life on their own terms.

There’s a lot of useful info in there, but one thing still stands out to me.

It was about filling your time with things you want to do, and not letting time being filled in by things that happen to you.  Sounds obvious right.  But it takes a little more effort and thought to make it so.  Especially when you find yourself with a chunk of free time.

In fact, the default setting is to go back to what you know rather than creating something new.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I think it’s worth a moment to consider are you really doing what you want….or just drifting along because it’s easier.


Anyway, on that note, here’s a few photos of a windy week in Wales.  I’m lucky to have a friend with a house right near the beach, and he often has guests from around the world stay.

Kitesurfers at Rhosneigr

It’s really cool to have a chance to show others some of the places the UK has to offer, and North Wales didn’t dissapoint with a mix of excellent kitesurfing, surfing, and hiking conditions.

Pyg Track route up Mount Snowdon

Mount Snowdon, and Snowdonia national park is truly stunning, and there are so many routes up and down to suit all abilities.

Drinking water….

Plus I get to try (and fail) at surfing.

All the gear……and not a clue

Thankfully, I’m better at kitesurfing……

Have a great week!

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