To try is to risk failure. But the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

I do love this saying, but for some reason I used to believe it only applied to big decisions / changes in life.  But, I don’t think it does.


Don’t get me wrong – I still think big jumps are great and bring benefit, and there’s nothing better than a good shake up sometimes, but not all risks made, or taken, have to be big.

I think the point is, is you want to go for something, or change something, there’s nothing wrong in going for it, whatever it is.

And you never know.  If you start small and see the benefit that trying something brings, you never know where that may take you.

It’s how I started on my own journey three and a half years ago.  I started saying yes more, challenging myself in small ways, and slowly built myself up.  And then I was quitting my job, travelling round the world, and writing a book about it.

Not saying you have to do that, but everything starts with a small step.  A small risk.

Have an awesome weekend!


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