Why did you quit a safe and comfortable 21-year (!!) corporate career for a life of travel, change, adventure (and instability).

Believe it (or not) I get asked this question a lot.

And it’s a good question.  Why would you leave behind something which is safe, comfortable, and secure.  Something which had a good salary and a final salary pension scheme.  Good working conditions and prospects.  Paid holidays.  Sick pay….

Damn it.

Just kidding.  I like this question. It makes me think and check my decisions.  It helps me to remind me why I did, in fact, leave behind the comfort of my well-paid career and take one big-ass-step into the black abyss of the unknown.

Drum roll please……

Because I knew there was benefit in making a change (boo…..anti anti-climax).

How about, because I knew there was life outside of my own four walls (better…..).

How about, because I had a dream and I wanted to give that dream a chance and get out my comfort zone, see some of the world, meet people, and go on adventures, and just give myself a chance to live…..(YES!).

To be honest, it was all of those and a lot more.

No, I don’t regret it, and yes, I still feel a pull toward what I knew in terms of work, money, and security.

No, it’s not always easy, and yes, it is hard being unsettled (having come from a life of such routine).

I know it’s easier for me to do this because I have no dependents, and live in a country that enables it.  But, saying all that, at the end of the day I think it all comes down to one thing.


And acting upon that choice.







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