An article in the Derby Telegraph…

This week has been a busy one.  Not only a full week of gardening (living the dream continues!!) but the Derby Telegraph ran an article on me leaving a long-term corporate career, travelling, and then writing a book.

I may sound like I am repeating myself but I’m really happy to have made it into the cities biggest paper.  Especially one which covers Southern Derbyshire as well.

The timing for the article seemed right.  There has been a recent announcement of redundancy from my old place of work and they were keen to offer up a positive story.

Don’t get me wrong – everyone’s circumstances are different, and perhaps what I did isn’t  for everyone (and there are plenty more out there who do a lot more than me!) but they were keen to offer a different take on making such a change.

Maybe something comes from this, maybe not, but either way thank you DT for agreeing to share my story.  The online version is available to view here.



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