Friday’s feel good post – a thank you video, new targets met, and what happens when you grab hold of an opportunity (however small it may seem at the time).

Welcome to my weekly post.  These have become regular so I’m running with them for as long as they flow.  Which reminds me – next weeks will be on Flow State – but not as you know it.

Back to this week….

In this weeks Friday feel good post I want to say thanks to the people who brought my book.  I began with an original target of 50, met that in 4 weeks (very happy with that I admit), so decided to double up and see what happened.

I put a 60 second video for this – you can VIEW HERE.


And I’ve now sold 91…, and THANK YOU!  100 is my target, so feel free to pass on my story to those that may be interested.  You can find out more here.

But it’s not just numbers of books sold that I’m interested in.  It’s the feedback that people are enjoying, and taking something positive / thought provoking from it.

I may sound like I am repeating myself, but when I get photos and comments like these below, I can’t help but share.


I’m not sharing this to show off, or to sell more books (ok maybe I am a little bit!), but I’m amazed, and humbled, at the continuing positive reaction.  It really does make all the time, effort, and energy seem (even more) worth it.

Anyway, I wanted to make a comment on taking opportunities however small.

It doesn’t have to be about quitting jobs / going travelling / writing a book.  It can be anything.

For instance, 5 weeks ago I cut a hedge for a friend, and today I have completed my 5th week of work as a gardener!

I seem to have landed on my feet here.  Work keeps coming, and whilst I am not earning that much money, I am outdoors, getting a tan, and earning a little to top up the adventure fund.

I almost didn’t cut that first hedge!  I actually turned it down but changed my mind because I wasn’t doing anything else, and wanted to help a friend out.  I threw myself into the work, really enjoyed it, a few people told me it looked good, and 5 weeks later I’m still going.

Yesterday I moved 10 tonnes of wood with a mate I’ve not seen / or worked with for over 20 years.  What’s that worth.


The day before I shaped 21 bushes – and totally smashed my apprenticeship in topariary!  Yes, I know they look like M & M people.

The day before that I had a satisfiying day of tidying up.  You know that feeling when something just looks so much better.  Except the grass perhaps.

I’m not saying I’m doing the best job in the world, and it is hard work, and perhaps only a seasonal thing, but it all came from taking that one small opportunity.

I may be stating something really obvious here, but I’m convinced there’s something in that….







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