Perception is everything. And nothing.

This post came about following a conversation with a friend.

I had mentioned I’d started gardening to earn money for another travel adventure.  He knows my history of working for a large corporate for 20 years, he knows I’ve got a first class degree in Mechanical engineering, and he knows I’ve spent 18 months writing, editing, and publishing a book.

I’m not saying that to show off, just to give context to his comment of “isn’t that a little bit like doing a student job?”

I had to bite my tongue.

Not because of what he had said, but because his belief what I was doing was, in someway, not up to my full professional ability.   Which is my point to this post.  Because perception can be a bugger.

Whilst you think you are right, there is no correct viewpoint. I make the point because my friend is unhappy in his own work, yet continues to strive toward a money and status driven career – because it’s all he knows.

I can’t help but wonder what would happen if he took a month out, did something different for a while, and broadened (loosened) his horizons.

Taking a break from what I knew certainly worked for me, and whilst I always say I’m no expert, it might be that a different perspective is not such a bad place after all.

PS. This is one of many reasons I wrote my book Adventures In Happiness.

PPS.  Gardening is actually theraputic and rewarding.  Whilst it doesn’t pay much money I am working outdoors and getting fresh air (and a tan) with a sense of freedom. And is there a price on that?

PPS. This is, of course, my own perception!

2 thoughts on “Perception is everything. And nothing.

  1. Fantastic! Can feel the nature in your post. Very encouraging and congratulations for having found value in what society is not (financially) valuing very much. This makes appetite to read your book. All the best!


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