What a difference a year, or two, or three makes (but only if you want it to).

Was thinking today how fast time seems to go. It’s the same for all of us right. But I believe the important thing is what you do in that time.

Dont worry. This isn’t some kind of self help post or me trying to make out how amazing my life is right now. It’s just a passing thought….

The picture below was taken 3 years ago today. I was OK but I certainly wasn’t at my best.


The picture below is 2 years ago following some big changes that involved leaving a very long term career, going travelling, and minimising my life back to almost nothing.


This is me 1 year ago following more travelling and right at the start of committing myself fully to writing a book.


And this is me now, doing my best to wrap up said book. Tired but happy with what I have done.


Like most stories there are many twists and turns that link these 3 photos together. But the point I am hoping to make is that there has been concious choice all the way through.

Previous to this I was drfiting. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes it is nice to go with the flow. But if you really want change then you have to act.

It is both as simple, and as hard, as that.


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