A writers victories are short lived. 

A writers victories are short lived…..and this is why.

First draft done. Yes. Until you realise you had forgotten a character or the context was wrong.

Final draft done. Yes. Time to celebrate. Until you read it back and realise how much editing is needed.

First edit done and story shaping up. Yes! Until someone reads it and pulls it apart.

Final edit done. Time to celebrate and send out to 30 publishers and agents only to be rejected by 2/3 of them and hear nothing back from the rest. But it’s ok. It’s the process. Writers love process. Especially ones which waste time…..

More editing. Tidy up the story. Get it tight. Flow. Energy. Yes. And then you realise how much time you had wasted with earlier edits. You will never get this time back.

Open bottle of whiskey. Yes. Hangover. No.

Investigate self publishing. Lots of options. Yes! And then you look at stats on marketing and sales and worry that all this time effort energy will be in vain. Did I mention the time. THE TIME. I dare not work it out.

Close to finish. Yes. And then no-one reads it. And if they do what if they don’t like it.

But still you carry on.

Much respect to all writers 🙂

The end.

Found some amazing softward for editing my work 3 days ago. Wish I had known about this 3 months ago. Anyway……always learning, flying through edit number 34724294279 ! At this rate I will have no words left to publish this keeping costs low and saving time.


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