I’ve been busy….but I need feedback…can you help?


I’m convinced that feedback is a great way to keep moving forward with things and I know how much time I have wasted in the past being stuck on something, rather than just asking for help / input from a fresh pair of eyes. So on that note….

I’ve been busy developing my website and blog recently and would really appreciate some feedback as to how it looks / flows / ease of use / clarity.

All feedback is welcome (good and bad) through this blog or Facebook or email.

Thanks so much. It really is appreciated!

John X



2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy….but I need feedback…can you help?

  1. Ayup John
    I find your blogs, wit and info to be really good. Honest that is not meant to be patronising, it’s just what I think. Keep em coming me owd.

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    1. Hey Andy, thanks mate, good to know and much appreciated! Will do my best 🙂


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