Micro-adventures in Munich

I didn’t plan to spend more than a few days in Munich but, as usual, plans changed and it ended up being 6 nights instead of 3. Not that I am complaining. It’s a great place. It has a nice city, a relaxed atmosphere, and even though it’s absolutely freezing here I had the chance for a real wintery look at the place.


I was also lucky to have my very own tour guide who, following my visit, is now toying with the idea to set up her own business running stag and hen weekends to the mountains. I think its a great idea and that she should call her company the Bavarian Beauties or the Buxom Bavarians. I think my idea was lost in translation (probably a good thing!).


Anyway the point I wanted to make in-between all these snowy pictures was that a micro adventure can be just as much fun as a longer trip. And I say that because I think I’ve started to become used to having time, and what I noticed with this trip was that I was much more focussed on getting out there and exploring, and because of that, I ended up enjoying it as much as some of the other things I have done where I had a lot more time.


Anyway….if you ever get chance to get to Munich definitely check out the Spitzingsee region and the lake Eibsee close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Just natural stunning beauty!


Have a great weekend!

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