Changing seasons and stolen phones

This time last year I was in Cape Town. This time this year I’m in Derby. But that’s not as bad as it may seem.

I’ve really had chance to see the changing seasons this time round and I had forgot how much I love it. All the colours, the cool weather. that feeling of something ending and something beginning….

Anyway, an update on the book project.

My manuscript is out to 10 publishers, 15 agents, and 3 contacts in the business and I have decided to stop there for now. The rejections are coming in thick and fast but that’s also OK. It’s a process.

Next up is to learn about self publishing, but at the same time, I also think I just need a short break from anything that is writing or ‘Adventures In Happiness’ related :-). Saying that, I need an end date fo this project so I am thinking my 40th birthday…..March 2018.

Oh, and on a different topic completely – don’t ever buy a phone from eBay…..the mans words from the shop I took it into to try and get it unlocked (it was bought as an unlocked phone from a reputable seller) were “you really don’t want this phone mate….”



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