End of June – out of Morocco, back in Tarifa, refuges, and kiting

After a hilarious border crossing from Tangier to Tarifa, in which my van was scanned twice, checked inside twice, and then suffered a more serious inspection where I had done some body work repairs a few months ago, I finally managed to get onto the Ferry and get back to Tarifa.


Where I had another set of checks (4) to go through.

I understand that there is a lot of traffic of people and narcotics from Africa to Europe through these ports, so I get why, but (at least the Moroccan side), you have to wonder what they are doing half the time running round totally unorganised.

I caught up with my friend who is ‘working’ in Tarifa, writing a book on her personal journey from depression to world champion sailor, and I got introduced to a few new people straight away and watched another epic sunset whilst drinking mhy first beer for about 3 weeks.


She soon commendeared my van with her kite gear. Women.


Very excited to be back in Tarifa and get some kiting session in. This feels like it will be more of a relaxed week or so, rather than a mad adventure of travelling around. At least for now.

Scoping out the kite spots



In between the sessions we decide to get some culture, and spend a few hours touristically visiting Isla de Las Palomas – an old military training camp for those on military service.

The island has an different side though, and also serves as a refuge camp for immigrants travelling from North Africa into Spain. Such mixed feelings on this, quite uncomfortable to be walking around as a tourist and enjoying my freedom on one hand, whilst there were 80 or so men, woman and children literally locked behind a fence, passport and homeless, waiting to see what their future will hold.



Kiting has been good for a free days, solid Levante conditions, and it feels good to get back on the water 🙂 and check out some more of the spots that Tarifa has 🙂

Being here is also offering me another opportunity to help my friend out with her book, apparently, I am now a researcher……!

Not a bad place to work from for a week or two whilst waiting for the wind to kick in!

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