26th June 2015 – Travel daze….end of a Moroccan journey, physical injury, and now back to Tarifa.

My head is 100% spinning.  Travelling around Morocco in my van for 4 weeks, solo, was definitely been one of my most intense travel experiences so far.
There was at least 3 moments when I thought I wanted to get the hell out of there and back to Spain, but overall it was a genuinely great experience and already I find myself missing the food, the people, the sights and sounds of the medina’s and cities, the mountains, and the need to be always, ever so slightly, on edge. . .
I have so many highlights and memories from this trip, but a few stand out above the rest.
  • Essaouira.
  • Atlas mountains, and the people there.
  • The driving and changing landscapes.
  • The desert.
  • Marrakech, at night.
  • Meknes.
  • Chefchaouen.
  • The welcoming and friendly people.
Also a few lowlights
  • Tangier port, but I think once you get your head around what is going on here (the people are all just mad), Tangier has much more to offer. I actually met a girl who was moving there to study immigration for 4 months. What an experience that will be.
  • The hustle from (some) of the people, can be tiring.
I was also a little dubious about travelling during Ramadan, but seeing how subdued the places became during the day (other than a few heated arguments I saw in the cities), and then come back to life again after sunset, was a different way to see another aspect of the country that otherwise you would not see. 
So now back in Spain, Tarifa, and the journey continues…..
One lasting physical memory I have is below, when I fell on a solo trek in Chefcahouen, I thought at the time I had broken my rib.

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