25th June – Chefchaoeun, getting lost on a trek, and last few days in Morocco

I heard that Chefchaouen was a nice place to spend a few days in Morocco so I found a campsite high up in the mountain overlooking the town (camping Azilan) and decided to finish my Moroccan journey here (forgot about Tangier…..)

IMG_5254 IMG_5325

Very much the blue city with it’s medina, and easy going atmosphere. I liked it straight away.

IMG_5255 IMG_5258

There was a little hassle here but it was so chilled and stress free, you end up almost smiling at it 🙂

I attempted a climb of the highest mountain Jebel El- Kelaa and had heard that it wasn’t easy to find the route so I asked the campsite about a guide.  His words “nah you don’t need a guide, just follow the road up”.

So I follow this road for about 3 hours, and all is well until it starts to go back down…I find a marker for what I think is the route up, and after an hour of getting nowhere, waking too close to the edge of some serious drops, and falling a few times onto my ribs, I call it.



Definitely need a map and gps for this route up, the road was fine, but the route was not obvious to me. Should have taken a guide…..

It was still worth the walk up though, with amazing mountain views, and seeing some small homes growing their own produce that the Rif mountains are also famous for.


The night was also good here, in a very chilled, sit outside a restaurant and watch the world go by kind of way.

This guys family also runs a shop in Bristol apparently…..I will check this out on the way back home perhaps….

I spent my last night here chatting with a few other travellers, and as I timed my last night in the medina with the breaking of the fast for the day, I was invited to share some food outside one of the shops with of the few of the locals. it wasn’t for money, or effect, just out of kindness, and for me as a tourist, I was pretty humbled.

Now onto Tangier, and the madness of the port…..and then Tarifa 🙂

2 thoughts on “25th June – Chefchaoeun, getting lost on a trek, and last few days in Morocco

  1. Hey John, that’s probably the coolest place I’ve been in Morocco about 7y ago….doesn’t look it has changed a lot 🙂 Keep posting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Marta, yeah it was really really cool, had to drag myself away! Will do. I’m going blogtastic! Hope you guys are well back home! Back in Tarifa now…..


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