6th, 7th June – Surfing, the worst drinks, and the best house music for a long time!

Drove south from Essaouira to Sidi Kaouki for a surf, an easy drive and easy to find, it’s a very chilled beach spot with loads of places to hire boards and surf from and a nice alternative for a day. Was having some thoughts on Morocco today, I am enjoying, but having to be constantly on edge (even slightly) can be a little tiring at times. I have only been here 8 days but it feels like longer! Met up with Alex and some others who are staying at the hostel at Beach and Friends bar, very cool vibe and mix of people. For some reason some of the group wanted to go back into the town itself so we hopped into a taxi to another bar. Both myself and Alex decided it was dead so we left the group, hopped back into a taxi back to where we were, and the night began!

IMG_3935 IMG_3936

Taxi ride with no windscreen wipers, it never rains in Morocco right……so funny to see him stop and use some newspaper and manually clean his windscreen from outside of his car, only in Morocco!  First a mixed band play a Moroccan fusion sound, and then a Percussion band from Senegal pick up the pace, the music and the dancing something to be witnessed! Such a fast beat and those who were into it were really really into it!

IMG_3938 IMG_3953

The night moved onto a DJ in the bar and the atmosphere was something I have not seen in a club / bar for ages, it stepped up when some of the drummers from the band joined the DJ 


The night slowed down after that but I was reminded of the fun side of Morocco, the randomness of what happens here, the way things work (kind of), and the mix of generally friendly people that were partying together was good to see, even for a short time.


Drinks were awful though, but can’t have it all I guess!

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