4th and 5th June 2015 – oasis of calm, info on Essaouira, and getting 3g

Decide to mix things up and spend a few days in a hostel. I’ve been in my van a month and I think a few days in a different environment will be refreshing, plus I’ll get to meet some different people and get ideas for other things in Morocco to mix in with what I have spoken to people about from being on Campsites.

I find Surf and Chill through hostel world and check in, I instantly relax into the place.

Most of the ideas I get are for surf spots and other cities which adds to ideas for where to drive to that I have picked up already.

For the prices (€7 / night) it’s good value and if I am back in Essaouira and looking for a hostel I would consider here again.



I spend more time in the Medina and this time the first street vendor I speak to I get my 3g connected up for my laptop, my phone recharged, and when I offer him a tip he says no need. Made a refreshing change, as long as it all works OK (!) I took the approach to get him to set it all up for me there and then and went to an affiliated shop with Maroc Telecom rather than just any vendor.  I think if you are in a bigger city, then going to an actual store would be the best option.

Wifi is seems to be hit and miss here and as I am going to be on the road for the next few weeks I need to be able to stay connected.  At €23 for one month unlimited data on Maroc Telecom modem I think its good value, I understand Maroc has the best coverage and it was all easy to set up.


I also went to see the old port and pick up some fresh fish from the days catch. At least I hope it was fresh, either way it tasted pretty good and at €7 good value, quite an experience just watching the boats come in, and the smell…….


IMG_3919 IMG_3909

Rest of the time spent wandering and getting lost in the Medina, hanging out with some others from the hostel listening to their plans and ideas for travels and also and getting info on what to do in Essaouira from these very helpful guys at Essaouira Spirit – thanks Rashid, hope you read this, told you I would do a recommendation 🙂


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