7th June – drive from Essaouira to the Atlas mountains

Yesterdays afternoon was an experience worth writing on, maybe some useful info if anyone travels to Morocco.

1. I find that on Sundays, in Morocco, your VISA or MASTERCARD will most likely not work in petrol stations, supermarkets, or ATMS, seems like the connection takes the day off.

2. The police here are sharp when it comes to speeding. Cost me €30. At least I got to find where an ATM machine will be.

3. If the locals see you have money in your wallet, the price of what you have just eaten can double, and double again very quickly.

4. Driving in Morocco, at least around Marrakech follows a few simple rules – involving giving way to everything and everyone at roundabouts, including bikes coming the opposite direction, being aware of lane swapping and every kind of overtake you can think of, and going for the gaps, regardless of size.

5. Finally, I found a place to stop and park at the bottom of the atlas mountains, after speaking to the owner of a shop nearby he said I could stay there overnight for free, I knew the expectation to visit the shop was involved so not a problem, however, the pack of dogs that lived in and around the village were, and kept fighting and running around all night. Lesson learned. Tonight I will find a campsite.

Sorry – limited media upload due to slow 3G.

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