31st May – Camels, kites, and quad bikes

Slept amazing after the past few days of travel and decided to stay put in this cheap (€4/night) campsite for a few days, It’s low key, and kind of hanging together in a very rough and ready Moroccan way, but for a place to leave my van and sleep with minimal hassle its fine for now.


Up early to meet with Tom, who was severely hungover from the night before 🙂 He held it together well though and we scored some pretty good kite sessions in the morning.


Tom has been here 10 days already so has got the place sussed out which is super useful for some knowledge of places to go for local food, drinks, and generally hanging out. Plus he speaks some Arabic which is very useful right now. Skills.



Essaouira is cool, at the same time you can see people kitesurfing, as camels wandering the beach, locals galloping horses kicking up sand, and quad bikes generally ripping around.  All in the the same shot. It’s very very Moroccan, but with a kind of European twist to it.

Decide on an easy night, and just grab some food on the edge of the Medina, Tom fights with a cat, and we grab a beer at a cool rooftop bar called Taro’s.


There is some kind of theme going on, but can’t quite put my finger on it.


2 thoughts on “31st May – Camels, kites, and quad bikes

  1. Guapo!!!


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