1st June 2015. Salam!

Got locked out again last night despite being back before my curfew. I was attempting to scale the fence with my bike and the security guard came out.

He was cool this time and started telling me how quiet it is at this time of year compared to the winter where the site is literally full with Northern Europeans escaping the cold.

Day started well by making porridge with Coriander instead of Cinnamon….


Had a 4 hour kite session on the water, it’s good strong conditions but can be very gusty but found a decent flat water spot to attempt some tricks, and crashed a lot.


Tom had to catch his bus back to Marrakech and then fly back to the UK but we managed a quick lunch for €2.50!  Good hanging out with you mate, and thanks for the local knowledge and Arabic skills.

Not sure what the deal here was though…….what was you looking for exactly……


Spent the rest of the day looking round the Medina for the first time properly, it’s very impressive and registered as a UNESCO world heritage listed city.

I only managed to get a few photos before my phone battery died, and then witnessed a fight start between two or three men and a woman, so decided to call it a night and get some sleep ready for more kiting tomorrow!

Tom has let me borrow his GoPro plus head mount, so expect some kiting footage soon!!


1 thought on “1st June 2015. Salam!

  1. Looks and sounds amazing mate! Have you anyone try and buy your van form you. I wonder how many camels you could get for it? All joking aside, what a great adventure. Keep the post coming mate, your an inspiration to us would be travelers.


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