17th, 18th, 19th May – Tarifa….but more relaxed

Decide I need to chill out now so decide to find a campsite and just stop in one place for a while. The wind is looking promising for later in the week. Ines and her friends have gone back to Zurich, and Jay and Patrick have also moved on / gone home. It was a fun few days, thanks guys 🙂

IMG_3345 IMG_3351 IMG_3366

Sunsets are pretty amazing here.

Spend some of my time in the old town of Tarifa itself, which is a really cool place to be with loads of nice bars, restaurants and shops.

I meet up with a friend and by the time I get back I am out locked out of my campsite. Paid €12 to sleep on the roadside :).

Kite a few times at a few different spots along the coast line and watch some of the pros training. I speak with one of them – Liam Whaley, turns out he has spent some of the winter with a friend I have back in the UK, but in Australia. Kiting is a small world.

Liam Whaley kiting at Val

2 thoughts on “17th, 18th, 19th May – Tarifa….but more relaxed

  1. I am sorry, you paid 12 E to sleep on the roadsise 😦


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