20th, 21st, 22nd – Tarifa, free camping, and meeting people

Decide to move on from campsite, felt ready for a change and Tarifa offers lots of cool places to be for free if you are in a campervan 🙂

Kited at Val a few times, and as I am cooking up some food, and admiring the simple invention below, I get speaking to Soos and Caroline.


They are both from the UK, and both kitesurfing. I realise that these are the first people from the UK I have actually spoken to for the last 2 weeks!


They are both really cool and friendly, and we agree to meet up and kite together over the next few days. They mention something about a party on Saturday.

I also speak with a Dutch dentist (Lars) who invites me to his home in Denmark if I am ever that way, and meet up with my friend Virginia.


She is a teacher for children with speech difficulties, is fun to be with and a very genuine nice person. She also speaks very little English and as I speak no Spanish It is funny trying to communicate. She helps with my Spanish (good job she is a speech therapist!) but I am not sure I help at all with her English!

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  1. Gracias John, cold hands…

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