15th and 16th May – Tarifa……

Slept next to a sleeping policeman last night, will not ever make that mistake again, all night I hear cars slow down, dun dun, and speed up.

The past few days have been a little crazy, and perhaps a baptism into what Tarifa can be like!!


IMG_3297   20150516_013108_resized

I meet and party with Ines and her friends Marco and Marta, I also meet Jay and his friend Patrick. It’s a kind of crazy night 🙂 but good music and good fun. I sleep in my van from 6am to 8am and wake up with a parking ticket.

I feel like I represented the UK well by providing the London Gin and tonics…..I’m not sure if I am proud or not…..

.IMG_3328IMG_3292Then some kiting at Valevaqueros on the saturday, pretty chilled conditions.


Followed by another night out with Jay and Patrick, met some cool people (the lovely Virginia and her friends Blondie, and the crazy dancer), this was supposed to be some food and one beer but it escalated into throwing ice at sleeping pigeons (?!?) and quite a few Cuba Libre’s. It was good fun. Especially when Jay commandeered a booth, complete with whiskey. For free.

6am. Sleep in van, wake up at 8am, no parking ticket because it is Sunday.

2 thoughts on “15th and 16th May – Tarifa……

  1. Nice photos 🙂


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