13th and 14th May 2015 – Cordoba, wet towels, city life, and Tarifa

I keep hearing lots of good things about Spanish cities, but also conscious to try and get to Tarifa ASAP so decide to just stop off at Córdoba, I feel the need for a city vibe before I get to Tarifa and get focussed on kiting and just being in one place for a while.


Nearly run out of Fuel, I find 3 stations one after after another that were linked to my sat nav, but were all shut down.  I am in the middle of open spanish plains with no traffic and happy to find a town with somewhere open. It’s pushing 40 degrees and only May!

Go to make a drink and my fresh milk has turned sour in a few hours…..It is still 35 degrees at 10.30pm, after getting into Córdoba I park in the city and sleep with a wet towel on my head.


Up early to check out the mosque and the city, really impressive, spend the day getting lost around the Jewish quarter, very glad I stopped, definitely worth a look.



Decide to leave the city late on, and finish my drive to the south of Spain, Tarifa 🙂 🙂 🙂


Happy to see this as I come into Tarifa…..:



After driving over 1000 miles in a week, I feel I have thrown myself into the start of the trip but now feel the need to stop in one place and stay still and chill for a while and try and get some kind of routine with things going on

Things don’t quite work out that way!

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