12th May 2015 – Salamanca and tight shorts

Decide to drive the night before to get to Salamanca….pretty amazing sunsets along the roads, and so quiet


Slept in a lorry service station. Last minute find, much needed sleep, living the dream…..


Salmanca is a good city by day and night, very interestng looking buildings, and really nice chilled city vibe, lots of academics / scholars pretending to work, pleased I stopped here.

IMG_3197_2IMG_3210_2 IMG_3211_2  IMG_3204_2 IMG_3202_2

It is hot, touching 35 degrees and not much cooler in my van, I find a campsite with shade, and actually chill and sleep properly for once.


A french man comes out from his camper van after hearing me playing me play my guitar, he comes out shouting ‘you practice serenade, you practice serenade’. I don’t know what to say so just smile 🙂

Wandering the city at night, a guy asks me to go to a club with him that night, I’m flattered but politely decline as thats really not my scene. I take a mental note to not wear these tight shorts again…..

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