10th May 2015 – curious russian fox

Drive to Potes off the back of a recomendation from a kitesurfing friend I know, thinking about trekking some of the Pico’s De Europa over the next few days. Pretty epic backdrop on the roads




Wandering the streets I keep bumping into the same girl, she picks up the same up so we smile and go for a coffee. She’s called Olda (?), a russian English teacher ex journalist now living in Moscow, on her honeymoon just travelling around, her friends name her the curious fox as she can’t stay still in any one place and has to go explore.

Her English is embarrassingly good compared to my very very basic grasp of French / German / Spanish. I try some Russian and quickly give up.

She tells me I’m not on a trip, but a journey, that kind of sticks with me.

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