9th May 2015 – Santander

Roll off the Ferry into Santander, and adjust to right hand side driving in a rhd van, its no stress once you get used to it, just need to tell myself drive on the right drive on the right drive on the right…..

Decide to stay on a campsite just for the night and check out Santander. Reverse my van into a tree. Good start.

IMG_3090  IMG_3084

Spot my first kitesurfer but it’s too late for me to get out so I do a quick ride out on my bike.

I get locked out of a national park so have to navigate a coast line for 2 hours in the dark to get back to my van. Standard.

This place catches my eye for some reason, looks like a block of council flats, but on stilts?


I meet some pretty cool people already, some bikers heading south to Morocco, and a couple who have retired and are returning to Europe to travel in their campervan. I do not realise at the time, but these are the last English people I will speak to for 2 weeks!

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