A warm welcome to Cornwall

I arrived in Cornwall at the start of May. I’m still having those ‘pinch me’ moments. Whilst I’m here to work on various projects as well as chip away at my monthly articles and columns, there’s been time for some fun and adventure.

In my mind, when I get to drive ‘home’ in my wetsuit, after a surf or kitesurfing session, I’m winning at life. All joking aside (I’m not actually joking – it’s awesome to be able to do the things you enjoy in-between work) this feels like a good place to be at the moment.

The light is brighter (I thought this was a myth – it’s not), the air seems cleaner (it’s going to be), and people seem friendly. Maybe that’s because it’s spring and life is opening up again, literally and figuratively, but it is noticeable. At least, before the schools break up…

Highlights here have been the surfing and kitesurfing, the people I’ve met – randomly and through connections, and also a last minute visit to the Great Estate festival.

This was my first ‘solo’ festival visit. I was nervous about this but I figured I’ve been fortunate to travel solo a lot the last 7 years, so a festival would / could be similar. It was a great experience. Although, it feels like its taken a week for my liver to recover.

Not Stone Roots – but Haunt the Woods! My mistake 🙂

On the flip side of things, it’s not all been plain sailing!

I had a flat battery within days of being here which meant a jump start from my neighbour (good way to introduce yourself), my awning ended up wrapped around the side of my ‘van upon arrival due to ineptitude, a lack of pegs, and a breezy day :-), and I’ve taken a fair pummelling in the surf here.

To quote the lifeguard after I got out of the water after a particular ferocious beating “yeah mate, it can be hellish here at high water….”. Yes….thanks for telling me.

But, back to those pinch me moments.

Kitesurfing with St Michael’s Mount as a backdrop is one, as is an evening surf session at my local beach, Holywell. Perhaps a look over the Helford river, sun glistening upon the water, sail boats sitting peacefully, anticipating the day ahead, or even a wild swim after a walk through a very bright and colourful wild flower field.

Adventures In Happiness? Yes, perhaps…

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